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How to Size My Clothing
and your
Personal shopping tools

I measure my garments before I put them online.

I measure the.... 

  • Length (from top of shoulder to the bottom of the garment)

  • Width (the under arm measurement at the smallest point under the arm around the body)

  • Arm (around the widest point at the top of the arm)


I can make more measurements if needed. So Please contact me.

My journey is still not complete when finding you the perfect outfit.

I want you to be able to buy your clothing and have it fit you the first time around.


To help with my mission, I am offering to send you a free tape measure,

so you can measure your body and order what you know will fit you, or you can order bespoke items directly.


I will also email you a measuring sheet for you to fill out your measurements.


If you like my style get in touch 

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