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I love a challenge. 

Altering clothes that are not functional as they are can be simple.

Creating a new piece from old

can be possible. 

If you have an idea

but you don't know how to achieve it, please contact me.

I absolutely love commissions. 

My customers come up with brilliant ideas.



Floating Cats
Love projects like this! This Bridesmaids dress was way too open at the front, so I slightly shortened it, and used the fabric to make a modesty panel.

A stunning 3 piece outfit made for a gorgeous customer. 

Hand dyed in Turquoise. 


Please get in touch .....

I want to help reduce waste in the fashion industry. I can help you with ideas to rebuild, and repair your loved items, so they can take you further.     If you've got an idea, but are unsure how to move forward, get in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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