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My Work with Local Charities

Did you know that I work with
several local charities to source my textiles?

The majority of my materials were destined to be sent for scrap/rag/landfill before I took them into my studio and breathed new life into them.

I also donate to the charity of your choice if you have pre-loved textiles that I can use.

I work with the charities below,

Please support them if you can.  Each donation to them,

or purchase of my stock helps them all.


How I collect my materials

Redo Help me to gather my materials by always being on the look out for me, which saves me a tremendous amount of time, I have worked with Maria Thornberg and Val Hanna of REDO for several years in one way or another.
It is fitting, therefore, that we can help each other now.
REDO collect textiles from charities that are destined for the rag man and rescue as much as they possibly can.
I am able to source many different materials from them, work my magic and transform them into something new.
Together we’re making a difference to our world one small step at a time.

This Is an incredible charity and one very close to my heart, Priscilla Bacon Lodge is a local charity providing end of life care to people dying of cancer, and they are an amazing organisation that I am proud to be associated with.
PBL contact me when their donations department have a sufficient amount of textiles and/or cutlery’s and I then buy it from them.
The contact with PBL was made through association with REDO, these wheels within wheels turn to support charities closest to our hearts.

I have a great working relationship with them and this also helps me to spend more time making and less time searching for the ideal textiles.



Donations so far...

With your help, I have donated £525.00 so far this year.

You can help me reach my goal of £1,000

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